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White Sports Performance shirt featuring the image of a red fox chasing a brown hare and the words Keep on Running.  Choose either a Sports Shirt with Black print or Red print. 


***IMPORTANT. Please note that unlike in the photo, due to a change by the manufacturer, this shirt now only has white binfding and not black or red binding.***


Please note this item will be custom made so please allow up to 28 days for delivery and possibly slightly longer if shipping outside of the UK.  Please check sizes expecially if ordering a ladies fit which may be smaller than you would normally buy.

FOX: KEEP ON RUNNING Sports Performance Shirt

  • ****£2 will be donated towards animal conservation for every t-shirt sold

    • Cooltex performance sports t-shirt or vest
    • 100% textured polyester, lightweight, anti-perspirant material and moisture wicking white fabric for the ultimate quick-dry performance.
    • Featuring contrast binding running over the shoulder, down the back and round to the front finishing at lower hem, this sports t-shirt works to enhance muscle definition and shape
    • Mens Performance White Tshirt with a black print and binding
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