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News & Updates

On this page I will make announcements of any new products, designs, change in prices, general information and FAQ's that you may have.


Sadly, due to the prices increasing with my suppliers and with postage, I have had to increase the cost of the sports performance t-shirts and vests by £2 each.  Without increasing the prices I would not be able to make a donation to my monthly nominated charity.  I will of course reduce these prices down in the future if I can.

New for 2022 !

I'm delighted to say that I have found a supplier who can offer the premium quality hoodies again.  Unfortunately there has been a price increase, however these are still very much quality hoodies that are super warm and perfect for wearing in cold weather.  It's important to me to supply quality products and so I made the decision to make these hoodies available again at the higher price rather than offering a lesser product at a lower price.  However, if you would prefer a slightly cheaper alternative then do let me know as my supplier supplies several different types of hoodie and sweatshirt.


To reduce my own carbon footprint, I'm now (wherever possible) posting your t-shirts in a cardboard box rather than a plastic bag.  What's more, these boxes will fit through your letter box so I have been able to reduce the shipping costs for UK deliveries.  Please recycle or dispose of your packaging carefully though.

New postage rates as follows:-

UK £2.68 + £1 for each additional item

EUROPE £5.05 + £2.50 for each additional item

USA  &  the ROTW £7.80 + £2.50 for each additional item


I'm delighted to launch my new Sir David Attenborough range of unisex Gildan Softstyle t-shirts, in over 25 different colours.  Each t-shirt features an iconic animal with a quote from the great man himself.


I have sadly had to temporarily delete from sale all of the hoodies that I stock.  This is due to the various suppliers that I use having trouble obtaining the luxury hoodies that I wish to sell.  I have decided against offering lesser quality hoodies as after all the purpose of a hoodie is to keep you warm, right?  And I don't really wish to increase the price to £34.99.  But as soon as I can find a new supplier I will update this page and my webstore accordingly.  


I'm pleased to announce my latest new design featuring 12 of the big cats that I have painted who have resided at the Big Cat Sanctuary over the years.  You can purchase the design now in my webstore here


Postage update.  Sadly I've had several incidents over the last few weeks whereby Royal Mail have refused to deliver items claiming that postage has been underpaid and charging the recipient a further £3.30 to have it re-delivered.  I have spoken to Royal Mail and although they acknowledge that I have paid the correct postage for a large letter parcel it appears if the package changes shape during transit it will be re-classified as a small parcel which understandably costs more to deliver.  So sadly I have had to increase the cost of delivery for each item to that of a small parcel.  The good news is that if you order more than one item then UK delivery will now work out much cheaper.  Here's the new postage prices :-

UK £3.68

EUROPE £5.20 + £2.50 for each additional item

USA  & the ROTW £5.35 + £2.50 for each additional item

Tracked delivery is also available upon request.  Feel free to contact me and I will provide you with a quote


I'm now pleased to confirm that virtually all of my range will be made from organic t-shirts. Although this does sadly mean the cost will be more, I hope you agree that it's the right move to help protect the environment and of course you would want a quality product. However, I will (where possible) still offer my designs as a basic fruit of the loom t-shirt option, which you can purchase here 



Why have I changed to organic t-shirts?  Firstly I want to offer you a quality product and I'm well aware that some lesser t-shirts can lose their shape over time and of course can fade when washed.  The A Call For Nature brand means a lot to me and therefore I want everyone to where their garment with pride, not only because it features a particular animal or supports wildlife, but also because it helps the environment.  And therefore it was a natural decision to switch to organic t-shirts where possible.  Sadly the cost to produce these is more, but as a fellow animal lover and conservationist I'm sure you will agree that is a small price to pay to save the planet. ****Update August 2021.  My latest range of designs are now printed on Gildan Softstyle t-shirts rather than organic, mainly as there is a far greater range of colours on offer****

Can I choose a different colour t-shirt from white?  I am looking to offer more coloured t-shirts where possible.  Unfortunately many of my designs incorporate many colours and so some of the designs will not stand out as I intended on coloured t-shirts.  However, feel free to contact me and I will let you know if this is possible.

Why do I not offer kids sizes? Potentially I can get my designs printed on kids or smaller sizes. Please contact me and I will confirm if this is possible and the price.  Some of my designs, especially those containing images made up of letters, look better when printed larger and so some of the words may be hard to read on small t-shirts.

What are the sizes of the various garments?  You can view all the styles and size information here 

Are these UK, European or US sizes?  In most cases the sizes are either in UK or European sizes, which may be 1 or 2 sizes smaller than US sizes.  This is especially the case with the ladies fit t-shirts.  I strongly recommend therefore that you measure one of your existing t-shirts with my size chart so that you can ensure the correct size has been ordered.  These size charts are provided by the manufacturers. 

What is the largest size I offer?  Depending on the style and colour of the t-shirt, I can in some cases get up to 5XL.  Most of the organic t-shirts come up to size 3XL.  But please contact me to let me know what you are looking for.

How long does delivery take?  I always state to allow 28 days for delivery and sometimes longer if I am delivering outside of the UK.  Where possible of course I will get your items(s) delivered to you within a few days.

Why do you not despatch my t-shirt immediately?  I only hold a very small amount of stock and therefore in most cases I will have to order your t-shirt or hoodie from one of the suppliers that I use.  Some suppliers are able to complete these orders within a few days whereas some others can take up to 28 days.  These timescales can also be longer due to Covid delays.  In many cases I also have to pay postage for delivery from my suppliers, so to enable me to continue to make a donation to my nominated charity I will, where possible limit the number of orders I make.  That may therefore mean that I do not place your order with my supplier for up to 10 days after you order has been made.

Can I choose which charity gets a donation from my purchase?  Potentially yes.  Each month or specified period I will choose a nominated charity and they will receive at least £2 from each qualifying purchase that I receive during that period.  Donations are normally made within 4 weeks.  However if a particular item is affiliated with a particular charity (for example featuring the logo of a charity) then this charity will receive the donation from that purchase as part of the agreement  If you would like me to make a donation instead to another particular wildlife charity then please do let me know and where possible I will arrange this - subject of course to my own due diligence and whether there will be additional costs involved, such as overseas transactions fees. 

Can I request that your next design features my favourite animal or charity?  Yes!  Please contact me to let me know what you had in mind.

I can't find what I'm looking for.  I occasionally delete items to keep my designs current and so what you are looking for may now be obsolete.  However if it is feel free to contact me and I may still be able to get this printed for you.  You can view my obsolete range here 

Why do you no longer offer your ICONS or DISNEY range anymore?  I made a conscious decision to concentrate with my wildlife designs.  You can view my icons and Disney range here and if you would still like one, feel free to contact me

Can I still purchase your art prints?  Currently I don't offer these on my webstore, but please contact me if there was something i particular you wanted.  You can view my art gallery here 

Where can I purchase your Christmas cards?  Currently I don't have any Christmas cards for sale but if I do you can find these at my Christmas shop and you can also view previous designs in my gallery .  If you would like to buy some, please feel free to contact me 

I saw your stall at an Open Day Fayre but I can't see the stock that you were selling online?  It's quite possible that some of the stock I had for sale at the fayre was purchased particularly for the event and so is not available online, such as some of my framed art, mugs and mouse mats.  These may be available to purchase separately if you message me here