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Fundraising for animals is something that is really important to me.  Ever since I can remember I've had a passion for animals, especially tigers. But that passion was mainly made up of reading books, watching David Attenborough programmes and visiting the occasional zoo.  But all that changed in 2008 when I did a Ranger for the Day experience at the Wildlife Heritage Foundation in Kent and I haven't looked back since!  I now spend virtually every Saturday volunteering at WHF and the rest of my free time I'm fundraising for them and other animal charities. Scroll down below for the fundraising I'm doing in 2014 and the charities that I am raising funds for.  Click here to see my fundraising efforts in 2013.


Not many people know that a group of tigers is called a 'streak of tigers'.  That's not surprising though as tigers are so endangered you'll rarely see more than 1 in the same place.  One of the most endangered sub-species is the Sumatran Tiger, which is now classified as critically endangered.  There are currently only 300 Sumatran Tigers left in the wild and that total is rapidly decreasing. So to raise awareness and some much needed money, Zoological Society of London (ZSL) have organised another 'streak' around London Zoo on August 14th.  They are looking for 300 people to take part, to represent each remaining Sumatran Tiger.  Although I did the streak last year, this is still WELL OUTSIDE OF MY COMFORT ZONE, but I've plucked up the courage to sign up again for ZSL's STREAK FOR TIGERS along with my mate Andy and also Beccy, Faye and Clare from WHF.  Together we hope to raise £12,000 of which a minimum of £2000 will be donated to ZSL and the rest will build new tiger ponds for WHF's resident tigers - which will make them very happy tigers!

Running naked in public is NOT something I want to make a habit of.  But if it can somehow get the message across to people that tigers are going to become extinct in the wild unless something is done, and soon, then it will be worth it.  The below video (What About Us?) explains just what is happening to tigers and other big cats throughout the world.  So please, please, PLEASE click here to sponsor me and my fellow streakers and help us raise our target of £12,000. 

Thank you :)

Be warned that this video contains some disturbing images of big cats suffering in the wild. But please watch it and then donate something to help


"What About Us? Streak For Tigers Video *GRAPHIC CONTENT*

Please now sponsor me here via Andrew Porter's MyDonate page or visit this link https://mydonate.bt.com/fundraisers/streakfortigerswhf . "THANK YOU".


For the last 6 years, I have been volunteering on a regular basis at the Wildlife Heritage Foundation, which is the UK's largest specialist Big Cat Breeding Centre, housing over 50 big cats.  As well as donating my time, I also fundraise and donate many of my original paintings, as well as the profits from the sales of WHF themed merchandise that I have designed, all of which are available to purchase through my webstore.


A CALL FOR NATURE is the new fundraising committee dreamt up by myself and Andy Porter to raise money for all endangered animals,whether in the wild or captivity.  We aim to be "ONE VOICE, ONE CALL FOR NATURE" by getting animal lovers, existing animal charities and UK Zoo's all working together.    We will do this by organising events that everyone can have fun participating in.  Please visit here regularly for an update on our events timetable. 


I have designed some unique and original t-shirts for Helping Rhinos which is a charity set up by Simon Jones to raise awareness of the plight of all 5 species of endangered Rhino.  100% of the profits go to helpingrhinos.org. You can purchase the t-shirts here.


21st Century Tiger is the UK's leading tiger charity based at ZSL which raises funds for tiger conservation.  To help, I have designed and donated some of my tiger artwork and t-shirts to them, which you can purchase via my webstore or view at 21st Century Tigers website here.


The AMUR LEOPARD and TIGER ALLIANCE (ALTA) are based at ZSL and are working to protect both Amur Leopards and Tigers, two of the most magnificent and endangered Big Cats in the world.  I am working with them by designing a new logo they can use, as well as donating the profits from some of my Amur Leopard and Tiger items in my webstore. Click here to visit their website.


The Snow Leopard Trust works in 5 of the 12 countries where snow leopards are found. Collectively, these 5 countries contain over 75% of the world’s population of wild snow leopards. They are the worlds biggest Snow Leopard charity (HQ in USA) and work so hard to protect this critically endangered and beautiful cat.  I have designed a t-shirt for which the profits go to SLT.  You can view my snow leopard products here


Wildlife Vets International was created to provide the veterinary support and skills to conservationists saving endangered species. WVI believes that training key people in conservation medicine will contribute to sustainable, long-term solutions for saving wild animals and the people with whom they share their world.  WVI appeal to me because of the work that they do with tigers and leopards and in particular the research they have done with identifying that the Canine Distemper Virus can be transmitted to wild tigers and other big cats.  Therefore I have designed some cards and t-shirts for which all profits from sales will go to WVI.  You can view my Wildlife Vets International store here


In its 25th Anniversary year World Land Trust (WLT) is putting the spotlight on big cats with a major appeal to raise funds for big cat conservation.  Therrefore I have decided to donate to profits from several of my t-shirt designs directly to WLT.  You can view these in my webstore