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DINOSAUR Sports Contrast Vest - various designs


****£2 will be donated towards animal conservation for every t-shirt sold

2 styles available.  Choose from either :-

DINOSAURS - A t rex chasing a triceratops, parasaurolophus, styracosaurus, gallimimus and pterandon

PEOPLE - A t rex chasing humans !!


These sports vests are almost as fierce as your performance. Made from 100% polyester neoteric fabric with inherent wickability, they're both comfortable and durable meaning the fabric transports moisture away from the skin to keep your vest fresh and odour free! These high-quality white and dark navy contrast vests are perfect for marathon runners, charity sports events, sports teams or fitness fanatics.


Click here for Product details, Sizing, Care and my returns policy. Please view before ordering to ensure correct size chosen

Please allow up to 28 days for delivery


Please state either DINOSAURS or PEOPLE

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